6 Ways The Hospitality Industry Is Giving Airbnb A Run For Its Money

Air Bnb

September 21, 2017 Lara O’Keefe, Bisnow National The way people travel is changing. Technology is not only shaping the way in which people share their experiences, it is also shaping where and how they do it. Home-sharing tech companies such as Airbnb have existed for less than a decade, but have managed to cause significant […]

NCA-Minnesota Chapter Concierges Will Offer White Glove Service During Super Bowl LII

NCA Concierges Super Bowl Team

With the Minnesota Vikings now in the Championship game, it’s more fitting than ever that the NCA-Minnesota Chapter Concierges are playing a huge role in the biggest sporting event of the year, Super Bowl LII. NCA Founder Sara-ann Kasner stated “I am very pleased and more than a little proud to boast that NCA Concierges […]

Concierge: Good vs. Great

Concierge: Good vs. Great

by Vanessa Hernandez, CNCA What makes a Concierge great vs. good? That is a question we are asked all the time; one that lingers in the back of my mind and one that my colleagues and I strive to answer through our actions daily. A professional, well-trained, well-connected, and PASSIONATE Concierge is indispensable. His/her resourcefulness […]

NCA Greater Houston Chapter (PC) off to a fine start

New NCA Chapter in Houston

The National Concierge Association – Greater Houston Chapter (Pre-Charter) invites you to join us as we work to create an esprit de corps among concierges and hospitality industry professionals in the Greater Houston area. Get in on the ground floor as we plan for professional education and training programs and philanthropic projects that are the […]

The Concierge Mentality: Defining the Role of the Hotel Concierge

Hotel Concierge NCA

As seen on HotelExecutive.com Going back a few centuries to the time of castles in France, the concierge was the individual who held the keys to the castle rooms and looked after the needs of visiting royalty. Henceforth the correct meaning of the title; “The Keeper of the Keys.” Advancing this tradition of ancient hospitality […]

Help the National Concierge Association send relief to Houston and the Houston Food Bank

Hurricane Harvey has devastated the Greater Houston area causing many without shelter, food, access to clean water, and no power. The National Concierge Association has set up a GoFundMe Account to raise funds to go to the Houston Food Bank. We invite all individuals, and organizations to contribute – or even match our total raised […]

Chicago concierges say smartphones can’t compete

 Photo above: Shannon Boland, far left, is the top concierge at Chicago’s LondonHouse luxury hotel. (Phil Velasquez / Chicago Tribune) By Alison Bowen – Contact Reporter Chicago Tribune The time a Saudi Arabian guest wanted a 1995 dark blue Chevy and got it shipped home. The time a guest wanted to drop from a helicopter […]

How to Win Over Your City’s Concierges to Boost Business

Gain access to a wider client-base by becoming friendly with local hotel concierges. (Photo: Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock)

These influencers have dozens of daily opportunities to send customers your way. Give them a reason to. by: Joni Sweet When you’re staying in a new city, whom do you ask for a restaurant or service business recommendation? If you’re like many people, you ask your hotel’s concierge. These trusted influencers refer hundreds of people […]

2016 National Concierge Association Conference Recap

2016 NCA Conference in Chicago

A Huge Thank You and Kudos For All The Hard Work To Our Fabulous Hosts The NCA-Chicago Chapter! THANK YOU TO ALL OUR AMAZING CONFERENCE SPONSORS & SPEAKERS! From delicious pizza to incredible views of the Windy City to learning more about the infamous gangsters who once roamed the streets of Chicago, a great time […]