NCA National Concierge Association KeysThe dictionary defines Concierge as a French word meaning “gatekeeper” or “keeper of the keys.” The position has its origins going back to ancient France where the royal household employed a Concierge whose job it was to see the various needs of guests and to essentially “keep the keys” to the many castle rooms. The “key” remains a symbol of the Concierge profession to this day.

In modern times, hotels throughout the world have long known that having a concierge service on site lends value as an amenity to hotel guests. In today’s business world, the ancient tradition of hospitality gives corporations a competitive edge in terms of tenant retention and employee satisfaction. In recent years, Concierge services may be found in hotels, office towers, retail settings, and residential, civic, entertainment, academic and medical properties as well as privately owned Concierge service providers from which the general public may gain access to the service.


The National Concierge Association (NCA) grants membership status to concierge professionals and hospitality partners alike. Membership benefits include: – unlimited and unparalleled local, national and international networking opportunities – NCA Newsletter “Keynotes” featuring news and information of the organization and industry – online networking and resource tools – attendance to monthly/quarterly meetings, social gatherings, philanthropy and special events – exceptional vendor products and services backed by the organization. We offer a number of membership types designed to suit the needs of our profession.

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