Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why are the chapters charging different membership fees?

Answer: Each chapter has its own set of expenses for marketing, materials and administration costs. Because of the diversity of each chapter location, the costs to run and maintain the chapter is significantly different.

Question: Once I have completed the online application, how long will it take to know if I am approved?

Answer: Once we receive your completed application in full along with your dues, your application will be forwarded to the appropriate chapter in which you will have membership. The Board of Directors for the specific chapter meet on a monthly basis to approve/disapprove applications. Please contact the membership director for the chapter you wish to be a member to find out the exact dates of their meetings.

Question: I am a company wishing to provide services to all of the concierge of the National Concierge Association. Is there a membership for this?

Answer: Yes! We have National Partner memberships. This membership entitles your company to many benefits and resources to market to our membership. For cost information, please contact us at

Question: I am a concierge and/or affiliate and I would like to be a member of the National Concierge Association, but I don’t see a NCA Chapter listed in my area. Can I still apply for membership?

Answer: Yes! We have an At Large Membership for Concierge and Affiliates wishing to be part of our organization. You still get the amazing benefits of belonging to a chapter, but with bimonthly virtual meetings. In addition, if you are interested in chartering a chapter in your area, we would love to talk with you. If you are interested, please contact