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The National Concierge Association (NCA) grants “NCA Accredited Associate” status to NCA Associate members based on the consistency of services excellence, continuing education within the hospitality industry, community involvement and activity in the organization. Once approved for the designation, NCA “Accredited Associates” are entitled to the following membership benefits:

  • Wearing of the distinctive NCA Accredited Associate pin.
  • Utilizing the NCA Accredited Associate logo and signature on all business websites, social media and all credentials relative to the business conducted by the NCA Accredited Associate.
  • NCA Accredited Associates are entitled to be nominated for service on NCA Chapter and National Board of Directors.
  • NCA Accredited Associates are eligible for nomination to achieve selective NCA Awards and honors.
  • Public listing of the NCA Accredited Associate on all NCA Chapter and National media including social media and newsletters both chapter and national.
  • Immediate recognition of individual’s high level of service in the business community, locally, nationally and internationally via a pubic portion of the NCA website at

To qualify, the individual must first become an Associate member of the National Concierge Association, attend an NCA Orientation teleconference session and fulfill all requirements of the NCA Accredited Associate program including approval of the member’s status by a majority vote of the NCA Executive Board of Directors.

To learn more about who may become an NCA Associate Member, click here for the definition and application of membership.

To contact the NCA about the NCA Accredited Associate program email


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To contact the NCA about the NCA Accredited Associate program email

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Our NCA Accredited Associate List

Minnesota Chapter – Accredited Associates

Michael Hernandez
Minneapolis Visitors Information
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Sheila Johnson
Minnesota State, Hennepin & Ramsey County Bar Associations
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Doug Lyon
Minneapolis, Minnesota