NCA Certification

The National Concierge Association grants “NCA Certified Concierge™” status to NCA Concierge members based on consistency of Concierge services excellence, continuing education with the hospitality industry, community involvement and activity in the organization. Once approved for the designation, NCA Certified Concierges™ are entitled to wear the distinctive gold pin signifying his or her inclusion in the elite corps of NCA Concierge professionals.

To qualify, the individual Concierge must first become a member of the National Concierge Association and become a certified attendee of the NCA Orientation session and complete all requirements of the NCA Certification program including a written essay and exam, interview with the National President and NCA Chief Executive Officer, and be approved by majority vote of the NCA Executive Board of Directors.

To learn more about the NCA Certified Concierge Program contact us:
(612) 834-7295 or email at:

To become a concierge member of the NCA, simply click here to join the NCA.