NCA AwardIt is the mission of the National Concierge Association (NCA) Awards Program to foster interest, enthusiasm, and excitement in achieving greatness as Concierges and hospitality industry professionals, while publicly and locally honoring NCA members and groups of members for their support and success in our profession and organization.

The National Concierge Association (NCA) desires to create community recognition of the highest standard of service exhibited at all times by NCA Concierges and hospitality partners.

How are National Concierge Association Awards Selected?
All members of the National Concierge Association are eligible to receive an NCA award. Depending on the award category however the individual may be required to also achieve either the designation of NCA Certified Concierge or NCA Endorsed Partner prior to award nomination. Awards are presented annually at both individual chapter ceremonies and in conjunction with the NCA annual conference. Recipients of NCA Chapter awards are automatically entered into nominations for national awards.

Please send your nominations to:

The deadline to apply for awards is June 1st, annually.

Please utilize the documents below for 2023 Award Nominations:

2023 Awards Booklet – Guidelines and instructions to apply

2023 Chapter Awards Application – All Categories

2023 NCA Leadership Award Application

2023 Concierge Outstanding Service Award (COSA) Application