NCA Concierges working with the Superbowl 2018 Committee

Minnesota NCA Chapter Concierges working with the Superbowl 2018 Committee. The photo was taken during the Vikings Preview Center last week. Photo Caption: Minnesota NCA Concierge (From left to right): Sara-ann Kasner, Monee Wiliams, Kimberly Hubner, Amy Wasik, Sheila Johnson, Tina Schriever, Michelle McManus. The Superbowl 2018 Committee’s mission is: Utilizing our bold new stadium […]

Inside The World of Concierges

This Week at the Convention Center: The National Concierge Association Conference By Rebecaa Fontenot    – San Antonio Magazine Four Things to Know About Concierges 1. Don’t ask them what hotel they work for.It turns out, hotels aren’t the only places concierges work. In fact, many of the National Concierge Association members are corporate or private […]