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How to Win Over Your City’s Concierges to Boost Business

Gain access to a wider client-base by becoming friendly with local hotel concierges. (Photo: Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock)

These influencers have dozens of daily opportunities to send customers your way. Give them a reason to. by: Joni Sweet When you’re staying in a new city, whom do you ask for a restaurant or service business recommendation? If you’re like many people, you ask your hotel’s concierge. These trusted influencers refer hundreds of people […]

2016 National Concierge Association Conference Recap

2016 NCA Conference in Chicago

A Huge Thank You and Kudos For All The Hard Work To Our Fabulous Hosts The NCA-Chicago Chapter! THANK YOU TO ALL OUR AMAZING CONFERENCE SPONSORS & SPEAKERS! From delicious pizza to incredible views of the Windy City to learning more about the infamous gangsters who once roamed the streets of Chicago, a great time […]