We welcome you to the NCA-Philadelphia Tri-State Area Chapter (PC)

The NCA-Philadelphia Tri-State Area Chapter (PC) is now forming! Hospitality professionals from throughout Philadelphia, South Jersey and Delaware are welcome to join and help build our NCA network.

NCA Philadelphia Network

The National Concierge Association is dedicated to the growth and enhancement of the Concierge and hospitality industry and is a vibrant and inclusive organization which focuses on education, world-class networking and philanthropic opportunities in and around the community.

Three membership opportunities are available in NCA-Philadelphia Tri-State Area Chapter (PC); we welcome Concierge professionals of all types; hotel, corporate, residential, medical, civic, academic, private club and personal Concierge service companies.

Our Associate members are comprised of various positions in the hospitality industry which are comparable to that of a Concierge but who do not have the title of Concierge.

Our Affiliated business members are comprised of business owners and venues who support the Concierge profession.

Mayra Belen from NCA

For information about upcoming meetings and events, please contact Mayra Belen, President at Mayra.belen@pennmedicine.upenn.edu.